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Viral Launch Review

created on 20 March 04 Wednesday 15:27
What is Viral Launch?
Features of Viral Launch
Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch is a specialized software tool designed for Amazon FBA sellers. Viral Launch’s tool offers users a lot of amazing benefits that allow you to get optimal gains from selling on Amazon. Using accurate analytical data, you need to make critical decisions to simplifying complex processes. Viral Launch can help make the selling process on Amazon easy for you.

Currently, Viral Launch is ranked as one of the best tools for Amazon sellers in the Amazon US and Europe space.

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What is Viral Launch?

As mentioned earlier, Viral Launch is a web app for sellers on Amazon. The app helps optimize most of the processes involved in succeeding as a business on Amazon. The Viral Launch Chrome Extension also makes it easy to use the features of the Viral Launch Chrome Extension even while on certain webpages.

Features of Viral Launch

If you are familiar with Amazon, you would understand that getting the best outcomes from your sales requires getting the best data with respect to analytics. This is why getting a reliable analytics tool is essential for all amazon sellers. Viral Launch offers this and more amazing features.

Some of these other features include;

·     Products Launches

With Viral Launch, Amazon sellers can easily launch their products to targeted users on Amazon. This tool offers brand exposure and a cost-effective way of launching your product. Product launching experts at Viral Launch can also help you come up with the best way to go about your product launch.

Viral Launch also offers timely reports, traffic from multiple sources, setting daily targets, and a number of other intricacies involved in launching a new product on Amazon.

·     Product Discovery

This feature of Viral Launcher helps you discover new opportunities on Amazon. IO Scout Tool for your business. With Viral Launcher, you can discover untapped markets and product opportunities. The app also allows you to obtain data on the history of a product’s catalogs. The information can be used to make sales estimates.

·     Market Intelligence

Also, Viral Launcher allows you to go through past trends on Amazon and make predictions based on this data. You can view the data, check the price and the sales trends. You can also calculate the required upfront investment and expected profit with this information.

·     Keyword Research

Considering the importance of SEO on Amazon, Viral Launcher also comes with a keyword research feature that allows you to find the best keywords to get your product to your audience. You can also use the free listing builder on the app.

·     Keyword Manager

However, it is not just enough to find keywords; you need to be able to comprehend the analytics of these keywords and keep tabs on their performance. Viral Launcher also offers this feature.

·     Listing Analyzer

Another fantastic feature of Viral Launcher is that it allows you to discover possible listing improvements that can help your products perform better.

Viral Launch Pricing

The Viral Launcher pricing comes in four categories. All these categories come with different features. These categories include;

1.   Product launcher (starting at $3 per promotional sale)

This package is pay-per-sale driven and allows you to schedule up to 30 days of promotion. You can also automate several features of the app and get a detailed report as scheduled. The package also comes with advanced fraud detection

2.   Beginner ($50 per month)

If you are just starting out on Amazon, this might just be the best option for you. The package is affordable and comes with all the tools you need to get started. The beginner package offers an essential analytics tool and reverse ASIN tools for three products. You can also use the Viral Launcher Chrome Extension.

3.   Pro ($83 per month)

With the Viral Launcher pro package, you get access to a lot of tools on the platform. It is recommended for more experienced marketers. It comes with product research and finder tools, keyword research tools, reverse ASIN tool for three products, the list builder, and the list analyzer tools.

4.   Brand Builder ($125 per month)

The Viral Launcher brand builder package gives you access to all the features of the other packages and more. You get to use the listing analyzer and reverse ASIN tool for as much as 100 products. You can use the keyword tracker to track up to 5,000 keywords and many more features.

5.   Kinetic ($166 per month)

This is the highest Viral Launcher package, and it offers you access to all the features of the Viral Launcher app. You get all the product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, list creation, and building and competitor intelligence tools alongside sponsored ads management.

However, for starters, you can try out the software without any payment in its 14-day free trial period. You don’t need your credit card information for this.

 For all Amazon sellers, Viral Launch is a complete tool. It helps you get all the essential information that you need to make key business decisions. Also, considering the cost, it comes at quite affordable rates, especially considering what you might find with other competitor software.