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Top 7 Amazon Sales Estimator For Amazon Sellers

created on 20 March 16 Monday 18:48

In the business world, the trick to winning is to understand your competition and know how to beat them. Competition is a good criterion for every business, and Amazon FBA has its fair share of that. There are millions of Amazon sellers in the United States alone. One of the most crucial elements for making wise investments is Amazon sales estimator . In this article, we have compiled a list of all the top Amazon sales rank estimators . One absolute fact is that as long as you implement the Amazon sales rank , you will always be at an advantage in your category. 

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However, before you see the list, there are a few tricky things you should know about the Amazon sales estimator

  • It shows the impression of the chosen item in comparison to other products in the same category. For instance, if you sell shoes in the Clothing and Accessories section on Amazon, then your boots will be put against every clothing and accessory product in the division. 
  • In Amazon sales estimator , each product is ranked according to an allocated figure. If the number of the product is small, then it's an encouragement of investment. With IO Scout Chrome Extension all product data right on Amazon pages. Note the lower the number of the product, the better for you, that is the highest number is #1 rank.
  • The fact that the products' rank fluctuates often is another reason you should be cautious of your Amazon product sales rank . The estimate of each product is updated every hour, so be on the lookout. Nevertheless, it would be best if you tried to maintain a single-digit or double-digits figure.

Factors to be on the lookout for a while doing sales rank estimate on Amazon are:

  • How wild does it fluctuate? 
  • Check for consistent progress on sales. 
  • Is it stagnant? 
  • How long has it been in the same range? 

Best Amazon Sales Estimator

Moving on, below is a collection of the top 7 Amazon sales estimators . They are all detailed and up-to-date. Read further for more specific information:

1. IO Scout

IO Scout is the best Free Amazon Sales Estimator on the market. IO Scout Sales Estimator has a lot in common with the Jungle Scout. They both aid eCommerce by providing online access to two essential elements, sales estimator and FBA Amazon calculator. IO Scout calculates the sales estimation of an Amazon product once the user submits the product's ranking.

2. Helium 10

This sales estimator is a software and likely offers the most accurate and reliable results when it comes to eCommerce. It has 20 tools that perform different functions that aid Amazon sellers and lets you explore the tools at no cost. After studying and knowing the basics of the software, you can now upgrade to any of the offered plans, either diamond, platinum, or elite. One of its unique tools is the keyword tracker, which assists you by providing keywords that will make your products appear on the initial search page of Amazon. 

3. AMZ Scout

There is probably no sales estimator with as many 5-star reviews like this one. AMZ Scout can be implemented in major countries like the USA, Germany, Canada, UK, India, France, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. Similarly to jungle scout, AMZ Scout only gives an estimate, and you can't entirely rely on the numbers, especially in other marketplaces except for the USA. To utilize the AMZ Scout, you will have to make a one-time payment of $40 or $50. 

4. Seller Legend 

This sales estimator is conscious of their client's convenience, and you can tell by how user-friendly it is. They provide accurate sales estimates and allows you to customize how you want the data to be presented. 

5. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn smasher offers various information on Amazon sales data to help FBA sellers do better. All you need is online access to the website, and you can create an estimate of your product sales via the sales rank. It's free and easy to use as long as you have a valid email address and Chrome browser. 

6. Jungle Scout 

This platform serves as both a sales estimator and an FBA Amazon calculator , and it's free both ways. The Jungle scout estimator is readily available on the platform's website for user's convenience. Note that the results provided by the Jungle scout estimator is solely dependent on the sales ranking and is merely a ballpark figure. With this Amazon sales estimator , you have access to information like the number of sellers, reviews, and categories of the Amazon products. You can acquire the sales estimator of any Amazon product by using its sales rank on the jungle scout website. 

7. Viral Launch  

This sales estimator is arguably the best, as it offers more than general online support. With this software, every client gets their consultant who gives recommendations and feedback. Viral Launch provides full details of the product, including prior and new sales, making it easy for you to strategize. 

In conclusion

Why gamble with your capital when you can employ the services of any of the mentioned Amazon sales estimators ? By utilizing the Amazon sales estimator , you will know the right products to invest in and the expected ROI. They are affordable, reliable, and essential to every business.