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The Best Amazon Chrome Extensions to Use as an FBA Seller

created on 20 March 09 Monday 17:38
Description of Amazon Chrome Extension

Every online entrepreneur's main aim is to be successful. You can be a successful entrepreneur in numerous ways. However, if you do not use certain technological tools and software in your online business, you may not be that successful because of reduced productivity.  Any seller on Amazon needs to recognize and utilize several tools and extensions that browsers add-on as an extension.

Joining the Amazon FBA scheme means that Amazon specialists would be the ones that pick, store, pack, and ship your items for delivery. The scheme allows you to save a lot of money and time and offer business services professionally. This article gives information about amazon's extension for chrome and how it helps vendors using FBA selling scheme.

Description of Amazon Chrome Extension

A chrome extension is a plugin for individuals using chrome as their primary browser. Amazon has a different extension that can be plugged into the chrome browser, and it helps its users to upsurge their sales, save time, and receive a higher ranking on Amazon. Moreover, some of the extensions assist sellers in knowing the keywords used by successful sellers or competitors and it also fastens the product research process.

If you use the Amazon Chrome extension, be prepared to receive numerous benefits. Some of those extensions help you to track item prices, shipping costs and keep on check your items and those of your direct competitors.

Amazon Chrome Extensions to Use


KEEPA is a tool that you can use to ensure you have the track of your product and also that of competitors. The tool can quickly provide you with price history charts of different items sold on Amazon. With Keepa, you will know when the price of an item drop in comparison to that of the competitors. When you set Keepa on your chrome browser, it will be showing you the history of item prices directly from the Amazon website.

Amazon Chrome Extension


  • Viral Launch

Another analytical tool that you can add as your chrome extension is viral launch. The tool can inform you about the type of product you can decide to sell and make a good profit. Moreover, with the tool, you can easily understand the Amazon market because it provides historical trends, yearly and monthly sales. Furthermore, it has an in-build calculator that assists you in calculating profits and product costs quickly.

amazon smile chrome extension

  • Jungle Scout

To be a top seller, you need to Cleary know the position of your product and how it is performing on Amazon. With the use of Jungle Scout, you can quickly get to see if you can make a good profit depending on your product category. The tool is created to offer sellers with each item sales estimate on a specific page. Moreover, it gives sellers other information like review numbers, average price, and best seller ranking. IO Scout is a great tool to do the research. If you want to receive jungle scout services quickly, you can plug it in as an amazon extension for chrome.

  • Helium 10 Plugin

The greatest mistake can do as an online seller is not picking the best keywords for the Items you are selling. Amazon has a tool, namely Helium 10 Plugin, which is popular for helping a seller pick the best keywords to promote their Items. The Helium 10 Amazon chrome plugin has different features ranging from competitors inquiry, tracking and listing of keywords, product research, and item listing optimization.


If you want to quickly identify the most profitable product category on Amazon, AMZScout id the analytical tool to use. If you properly and efficiently use the tool to look for items that attract more sales, you will probably be a happy person for a long time because of the good amount of profit you will be making every month. The tool assists you in estimating revenue and sales, product listing quality analysis, know the current market trends, and price information.

  • Unicorn Smasher

Any seller would probably want to sell items that attract more buyers and ensure they are ranked among the top sellers. Unicorn Smasher is a free amazon chrome extension that you can use to quickly point out the right items that you can vend and easily be ranked as a best seller.


I have only highlighted a few tools that you can be your amazon chrome extension. However, when you run a business using the Amazon FBA program, it would become easy to use the different tools associated with the platform. If you are not keen, you may end up spending most of your time trying new analytical tools, wasting the time that you would have used to improve your business. Therefore, you should select the tools that positively enhance your business.