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LinkedIn automation tools you should consider in 2021

created on 21 September 01 Wednesday 14:28
What are LinkedIn automation tools?
Best LinkedIn automation tools:

The use of LinkedIn automation tools has drastically risen in the last few years and due to valid reasons. Experts say that automated outreach campaigns are highly valuable for businesses in many ways, and they are cost-effective as well.

So, what are automation tools for LinkedIn, and which are the best? Here we will review the best automation tools for LinkedIn and how they can help you expand your outreach and marketing campaign.

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools save your time when you are finding and connecting with new prospects on LinkedIn. In simple words, these tools help you expand your LinkedIn network faster. Plus, these tools can be game changers in the lead generation game.

The benefits of using LinkedIn automation tools:

Some significant benefits that you will get using the automation tools are following, as mentioned by Closely :

1) They save a reasonable amount of time:

Let’s assume that you want to reach out to 100 users on LinkedIn. The first thing that you will do in this case is to review each user's profile that fits your ideal customer profile. The next step will be to send them a connection request .

Then you will have to shortlist all those users who have accepted your invitation, and you will send them a thank you message. Then you will have to classify all those people who replied to your message but not accepted your request. This means you will have to send them the follow-up message.

Now, imagine that you need to perform all this manually. A big mess is waiting for you. Let’s start with sending two different messages (the connection request and the follow-up message) — how much time would it require to complete these two tasks?

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As you can see, you will have to work for an entire day just to reach out to 100 users. Suppose only 30 out of 100 will answer you (in the best scenario). And how many of them will convert? Just guess!

With LinkedIn automation tools, you can effortlessly run and manage multiple campaigns and reach out to 500 or even more users from different accounts. Yes, these tools save you a lot of time! And when a user replies, the campaign will stop.

2) They provide accurate and valuable statistical data

LinkedIn automation tools can generate useful insights that allow you to monitor how your messages are performing. You can see the exact number of people that have accepted your connection request, and you can also view how many people have ignored it during a specific period of time.

Best LinkedIn automation tools:

LinkedIn automation tools have various analytics and reports that show how effective are your connection request messages and whether you are targeting relevant audiences or not. Remember, you should target those who are active and interested in your product or services.

Now that you understand what LinkedIn automation tools are and the benefits they offer, let’s review some of the best LinkedIn automation tools on the market.


Lempod is a well-known browser-based automation tool, and it works best for LinkedIn.

Lempod can efficiently automate one time-consuming LinkedIn activity the driving engagement. Remember that it is an essential part of the LinkedIn algorithm as posts with high engagements are shown to more users, and sometimes they get viral on the platform.

To drive more engagements and find and join pods in your particular work industry, Lempod is the best automation tool. 

When you post anything, every user in your pod likes and comments on your posts automatically. To ensure that pods remain hidden, Lempod restricts the members in each pod up to 50 and only allows one post for one member in a day.

Lastly, its pricing is simple, around $5 per pod per month.


Basically, Dux-Soup is a chrome extension which means it will keep working in the background as long as your LinkedIn tab is active in your web browser.

The reason for its immense popularity is that it’s simple to use. Even beginners can automate profile visits and manage outreach campaigns, LinkedIn messaging, and much more.

Via Dux-Soup, you can easily design and manage LinkedIn drip campaigns that stop when a person replies to your message. However, as it is a Chrome extension, it will only work when your LinkedIn tab is open.


Phantombuster is the LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to automate any action on LinkedIn.

One of the most prominent features of Phantombuster is the data scraping function that provides you accurate and valuable information to run marketing campaigns. 

This cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool makes things hassle-free by automating the actions such as sending connection requests, liking and commenting, sending personalized messages, and more.

In the End:

LinkedIn automation tools help you and your sales teams in lead generation. Above, we have mentioned the reliable and the best LinkedIn automation tools that you can use and manage your campaigns more efficiently. All the tools mentioned above offer plenty of new business opportunities that won’t run dry.

However, be careful when using Chrome extensions as LinkedIn can ban you anytime if it detects such tools or sees abnormal behavioral changes.

If you want to play safely, we recommend you opt for cloud-based automation tools such as Phantombuster, as it gives you a unique IP address and contains various add-ons to enhance your lead generation efforts.