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The Best Tools for Amazon Product Research

created on 20 February 27 Thursday 03:08
The Best Paid Applications
Can I Conduct Product Research For Free?
Bottom Line

If you’re an Amazon merchant looking to ace your competitors’ revenue generation game, it’s time you considered investing in a dedicated application for product research. In this article, we’ll discuss the top applications (both paid and free) that can help you meet your goal.

The Best Paid Applications

If you want to choose a product from varying price points, here's a list you might want to check.

IO Scout

When it comes to product research applications, IoScout is hands down the best tool for your requirement. Loaded with excellent features, this tool helps you conduct proper and detailed research, enabling you to make the most of your product sales. Identify market trends with IO Scout product trends for Amazon right now!Unlike other apps, this one is also easy to manage and operate. Just add the link or the ASIN of your Amazon listing, and the tool will do the rest for you.

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While JungleScout is a paid tool, it is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to researching items. This app comes with some excellent additions that help you to tap into the right opportunities in terms of Amazon marketing. To simplify things, it also includes a solid database of suppliers, allowing you to source the best items for your listing.

Helium 10

The Helium is an entire product suite that helps you conduct the required research against a specific (or more) items. This amazon product finder has a browse extension, a tool for conducting keyword research, reimbursement generator for inventories, and more.

Viral Launch

If you want your product to go completely viral, this is one web-based app that will certainly exceed your needs. This tool helps you garner more visibility, allowing you to market your product among the right audience.


This is a great addition for anyone looking to conduct extensive Amazon product research. Amzscout features some advanced functionalities that make listing research nothing short of a breeze. The overall functionalities are simple, and even first-timers can comfortably operate them. 

Unicorn Smasher

Thanks to its online extension, Unicorn Smasher makes listing research easier than ever. It comes with an entire dashboard that helps handle research with every relevant information. Additionally, it sends you comprehensive insights regarding price, overall ranking, customer rating, potential revenue, and more.


This web app is made for all those merchants who want accurate product insights for maximum sales. This amazon research tool is excellent, and you'd love it for the useful data it generates. Unlike common software apps, this one is also supported by leading global eCommerce platforms.


Want a solid amazon product research software? If so, AmzSuite won’t disappoint you. In addition to offering detailed sales estimates, this app will also help you assess the profitability of all items, regardless of their niche.


If you want to make the right decisions based on relevant data, Amazooka is an excellent choice. Thanks to its dashboard, product launcher, item monitor, and other excellent features- researching your potential Amazon listing is now simpler.

This is one of the applications for anyone looking for access to the Amazon product database. It will not merely inform you about the revenue-generating products, but also help you make the most of your upcoming listing by suggesting the right item, proper keywords, and the ideal price. 

Can I Conduct Product Research For Free?

If you’re a merchant on Amazon, here’s some good news: you can now conduct product research for free. In the following section, we’ve listed some of the most viable free software that’ll help you with the task.


Available as an extension, this is one of the best tools for any Amazon merchant who’s confused about setting a proper price against their listing. The data-powered insights will help you make the right decisions enabling you to edge ahead of your competitors. 


Whether it's researching the right keywords or getting information about the more revenue-yielding products, Keepa will never disappoint! Easy to use, this is one of the most valuable software on our list.

AMZ Base

If you’re an FBA merchant who wants to rack up their revenue, this research tool is a great option. It will not just help estimate your potential profits but will also go a long way in product research.


This is a great keyword research tool that will help you identify the ideal keyword for your proposed listing. The app is great, and it works without any inconsistencies.

Google Keyword Planner

Unless you use the right keywords, your listing won’t generate the visibility it should. This web-based app helps bridge this gap, allowing you to target the right keywords for Amazon products.

Bottom Line

Since you're now aware of the best tools in these categories, explore both the free and paid options and zero in on your top pick. Given the positive testimonials against these software apps, they'll certainly work in your favor.


Q. What is the basic premise of these research tools?

A. A research tool or application will help you find accurate insights about a product, its overall pricing history, a brief history of the revenues, and its profit generation capabilities.

Q. Why Are They Important?

A. Unless you invest in the right software, you won’t get to know about the items that may outperform similar products in a specific niche. Additionally, these apps help you use the right strategy to add more visibility to your listing.

Q. How Do These Applications Work?

A. These applications give you proper research analytics against the best products. Additionally, they inform you about the overall revenue generation history and the history of pricing and price changes. Some advanced web apps may also assist in keyword targeting.

Q. What Should You Pick Between Web Apps and Extensions?

A. If you want to stay constantly updated about relevant updates, an extension should be a better option. Alternatively, you can also choose an app if it is simple and opens instantly the moment you need it.